Equipping or revamping healthcare facilities requires the implementation of a series of means and know-how:

– Technical knowledge to determine the appropriate equipment for each specific context.

– Financial and human resources to implement and coordinate the project

– In-depth knowledge in the field  even in remote or difficult areas

TRADALLIANCE masters the whole process.

We assist our customers from drafting the technical specifications to on-site installation and training by our biomedical engineers.

Some references :
Ibn-Hayane Clinic  (Algeria) : 80 beds, 6 operating theaters (http://clinique-ibnhayane.com/)
CHU Oran (Algeria) : Cryogenic unit, supply and training.
Perenco (Cameroon, Congo) : medical equipment, emergency and first aid equipment, reagents, chemicals
Shell (Gabon) : medical equipment
Total E&P (Angola, Gabon, Congo) : laboratory equipment, reagents, first aid and emergency equipment.